Soviet Storm (part 5) The Siege of Leningrad.

On January 5th-2014

The part as the title implies is about the Siege of Leningrad by German and Finnish troops, the Soviets introduced their rocket launch system “katiusha”, with this weapon, the russians could inflict heavy casualties on the Germans, the Russians also had the tank KV-1 Tank with 75 mm heavy armor.

Commander for the German was Marshal Wilhelm Von Leeb and for the russians the General Yakov with and General Ivan Fedyuninsky. During the Siege, many people died from starvation, the first weeks around 53.000 civilians died, the food was scarce and very limited according to the occupation of the person; workers received more than civilians. Many trucks with food came to aid the civilians but many were destoyed by the Germans.

Von Leeb left the theater of operation and it was replaced by General Von K├╝chler, meanwhile the soviets embarked in the operation Lyuban in order to halt the Germans and evacuate civilians.

The new commander of the russian army was Andret Vlasov, who later surrendered to the Nazy army, he was sent to prisoner camps, and later accepted to cooperate with the Germans, He joined the Germans and other Russian deserters to fight the Red army units, he was captured in 1945 and condemned to dead for treason.

The Russians used the T-34 in a better way, German defense began to crumble, the Soviets endured heavy losses as the Germans introduced other weapons such as: MG34, MG42 and the assault rifle MP43

At the end, the soviets were able to make the Germans withdraw and raised the sight, more than 642.000 civilians died from starvation, according to other sources the number is around the million.