Bendito Machine 3

Bendito Machine 3

My analysis  on this good perspective about technology and society.

Bendito Machine 3

Bendito Machine 3 suggests a fixation on technology and new totems that move the society as they become object of adoration; new and better artifacts displace the older ones. Communities accept the new ones and do not have any
choice in relation to the technology that the new object of adoration brings.

The object of adoration becomes more specialized and complex; thus bringing more problems. The people are hypnotized and followed the orders-ideas- suggested by the new invention; I can see for example how they use sports, musicals and other kind of entertainment to tame people; also, how the political views are
injected in people´s brain by the object of adoration which is basically a metaphor to how media
controls people and changes the reality.

Ellul states ‘there can be no human autonomy in the face of technical autonomy’ (Ellul 1964, p. 138).
He insisted that technological autonomy reduces the human being to ‘a slug inserted into a slot machine’
(p. 135).

By watching this clip, I can see that technology is just a tool but it should not be a tool of
adoration leaving humans in stupidity and alienated by the mass media. Also little will is shown from the humans; they are just following what the machines show them; leaving skills such as critical thinking away.

. References

Ellul, J. (1964). The technological society. New York: Vintage

bendito machine3 bendito machinepng


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